• dylantownsend

UNION- 3 More Poems

Healer of The Hidden


To sit with a man approaching end, cuddle disease on compassions utter, A man of demon turned to peace, from light to light who said his piece.

Ushered on destiny’s tongue, she flickers dream into happen, appearing to share. Here my dear friend is cuddled by angel until last breathe offers cosmos.

A directory of tools unravel into space of between, ancient wisdoms converge modern truths into factality. The healer spells a web casting for higher purpose, we all are in love with these thoughts of perfect.

Perfect truths said perfectly in mantra repetition, the jewels apparate in spittering swatches of show, twisting know back and forth to the drumbeat of magic, mother earth feels these spells and smiles a million dimples.

She dots our lives like a wind of ferocity, swirling gifts to settle into and digest, she is gone now, her healing pulsing through us and this land et al.


Jovial cracklesnap of spring tort; Christen me Jerry and Pop Champagne to the nethertoast. Its never burnt.

Porous Pumpkin shoots in the graveyard of growth’s commemoration -there’s a joker at hand- punking the Freudian cracklewip of all wondrance.

To the seedling core.

Thick skins wrestle down the tube to slink, drum beating the clank for the audience of spring. April was indifloquent on such the sychance and participants chinned up at the show : glancing down the eye of winters forgotten.

A swoop swappled.

Cuckoo went compass zrazy, swashing the grooves into multii’s. Tangles met of litigation marred rainbows into bowties and the crash of tweet blumbled the thunder of wooference.

Notwhatgotten does.

Chilli stuck tosh onto its backache, pulsating properly, daffodils dwained and yes waived at births egg and chicken. Spoons understanding their destiny to utilise elipses.


Shadows photoshopped.

Laces tied brightly shook off the frost, tackling grey, asking palms of palette to paint purpose. Click spacker spluck and loop.

Formutation in continue.



Split on age of destinies languid jut, fear and competition opening void.

To love again, farther then an easy anger. Abuse held close, as mothers grasp.

Apart now collide, embracing frustration the only rapture colluded.

Shared journeys of created merit, spat out as visions crumble.

Escaping dis-ease. Uncomfort thwarted.

Now to seperate again and be free, a little less agony since the womb departed.

Anon to release, anon to be found. My brother. My brother. Its time to for another round.