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Union ( Excerpt of 3 poems)

Updated: Jul 27, 2018


Flittering scarpal of wispy spider line holding glint of eye.

Whispering with shimmeration, the glowmaker shares its treasure in spittering swatches of show.

Dancing with the wind, each shuttle presenting an angle of beauty so deep in rectified religion.

The great wusher sends more surprises with tinkle tankles bouncing off the glory colours of tree and hedge.

Robins attracted by stillnesses input, scarp about searching for survival treasure, singing about peace, love and the eternal truths the earth efforvates.

Wufttling about, wiggling for the wind, allofitandus, flouncing in the hynoptic ways of the maker.

Inside dealt softness, outside touching peace, the garden a symphony, an ovation of life, of pulse and of grand brevity.

In the essence I sit; gone. An atom without charge finding little resistance.

Perhaps I shall become a tree.



Body soft.

Mind marshmallowing now.

Curves of perfection melting over sync.

Around and back as the sun knows.

Body/mind becoming friendly with romance blossoming.

Effort befalling effortlessness with mind forgetting.

Rythmn of Asana mounts podium of spiral.

Heartbeat asleep functioning unison.

Blood everywhere it is meant.

Movements become eureka’s

Body integrity.


(and then the real fun begins)


You hum and haw your next direct, its tantalizing and special, a place of undetect.

Its going to be amazing, once decision is made, you will find the path and never look(pastpresentornext)

But as decision becomes indecision, your best to leave it all alone… for in that non-know there is a decision bestown.

You may think its right to pontificate, right to wander the course, it may be your undoing, to push decision beyond endorse.

Sometimes there is nothing to do, simply smiling at in-action, laughing at your un-do, potentially more profitable then glambouring around on your ninny-nuu.

Were all fumbling about, listening to decisions that were not meant for us, the key is in the listening, the waiting and the indecision, evaporating with a clear and steady thought.

For its all so complicated, when we act after wondering, the first decision is a clean mind prohibiting the stumbling.

When standing, walking, running and screaming, keep on doing what your doing, your decision has already been made ( or unmade)


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