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Before Girls Grew Breasts( Excerpt)- The Ghost

Updated: Jul 27, 2018


The house I grew up in was named ‘the divot’ as my Dad had spent his whole life as a golfer and finally found some land to make his mark on. It was one of the first in Howth and I was told it was 180 years old. There was plenty in there, spirits that is. It was scary and exciting, grandiloquent yet un-hospitable and full of dark somethings. I was fearful of its corridors, musty smells and hidden alcoves and the one area that creeped the most, was the elongated corridor which divided my room and my brothers, which juxtaposed the spare room and a airing closet which was a moist womb cavern that we loved during hide and go-seek.

The Corridor was to be adverted, there was plenty of other places to play anyway. One day I found out why I had an instinctual fear. My best mate Ciaran was over and we were concocting games. We found my sisters ladybird buggy which Chloe carted her dollies in. We chucked the plastic out into the mass of other lifeless-to-become-lifeful dolls and began burning round the house taking turns in the cockpit.

Ciaran Was in the front, I pushing the wheelied wonder along the top floor of the house. We were doing a circuit between the bedrooms and the landing but after a few rounds took a launch towards the corridor... melting down the carpet towards the end and jamming on the brakes just as fast, we stood stricken in feariggurmortus.

A translucent head, drifted up from the floor right in front of the buggy and elevated itself just above us, hovered there and made a gesture in its facade. Well, if we didnt use up our porridge then! we burned back down to our mums and grabbed on for sheer security, shivvering with scarybones.

We went back up an hour later, crawling down the corridor of spirits. The ladybird buggy was lying idle on its side, looking beaten and abondoned, like our minds.

Me( On the right), Ciaran( My besty) and my sister(Chloe) with our buggies aready...


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