• dylantownsend

Before Girls Grew Breasts (Excerpt)- Snow

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Chloe and her friends making a particularly impressive ball of white :)


Frajilistic stuff, white on green ground just makes sense, why do we only get it once a year? Thankfully when we did get that sprinkle, the parents were sound enough to let us be kids... Creeping into their bedroom, darkness sitting in the stillness, “mom, its snowing...” there would be a few moments where the glands would jump into the throat at the idea of not being allowed out to play. “ ok, you dont have to go to school.” Those words are among other celebrated phrases such as “you can have, I am proud of you and you shouldn’t of but I am glad you did.” Creaking the door back over, I turn around and would tell Chloe the news, we were free!

Out with the trays for sliding, buckets for sneak attacks and wheelbarrows for snowmen. Clothes were nearly forgotten but by the time all the fun had amounted, mom was worrying enough for our bodies to be turned into Michelin logos. Lombasted with warmth, we headed for the patch where we knew there would be a rhapsody of gas unfolding on the pristine field. No adults, just spontaneity.

We hurt eachother with the snow for a while, when that got sore we united against another part of the estate, usually the bottom estate. After we pemulted them it was time to create a snowball so big that it covered a driveway, if it was a particularly grand ball of angelic, it would stay for days!

The golf course was always a sweet option. Mostly for speed and plenty of untouched snow. Tears were manifold, they were mostly from girls ducts for in the snow the sexes played together when usually, football divided us out. Footballs were still there of course, they were our girlfriends in case we felt lonely. The best hill led you into a water reservoir that caused rumbunction and many early go-homes... Life was so simple in the snow: no food, no warmth, no problems.