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And....Welcome! Here we have a bunch of gathered pixels made pages dedicated to the lonely but equally juicy portal to an ensuing storytelling journey. Its had its ups( Saying the phrase " I am Paleo-ish" on National Tv with legit gusto and its had its downs( weeping like a wee ting at another rejection) but all in all its been about observing myself and all of you. Yes, I am spying on you. Well Society that is. Building a story from everyone's cookies. Thats why I built this page. The bluepill rabbithole 5g upon you and self.

Anyway... I digress.


On this collection of dust in electronic formation. I offer you endless literary trundling through a blog with stories from the story. A meta inception of sorts. Stories within stories within anecdotes within embellishment within opinions and some playful characters blended in for twists. Please do get lost here. The blog has excerpts from my poetry books, novels and travel stories. And Then! We have a whoooole other universe of play to contend with... visual storytelling... formmated in Directing & Screenwriting reels and then another for acting reels

Moving on swiftly with a touch of brisk and moving towards a finish. We have a page about stories that others have written about me. Metastory squared. Here at the press page its more about history then here. In the now and coming to a continuing of endless possibility, is the forward tunnel to other social media spectrums. Here there is Instagram, IMDB and them other wans. 


Please feel free to say a mahussive hello. Send a dust electronic handshake through the form in the representation section or If you would like to work together then please contact my reps. Always looking to play with aligned souls. Really, I don't bite much and I am Paleo(ish) so you are safe with me.  


Wishing you all the best on your everyanything! Biggest Smiles, Dyl x




Lesa Kirk

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